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Going Abroad? Prevent Travelers' Diarrhea with These 5 Tips

You’ve saved for months for the trip of your dreams. You hop off the plane and head to the first food spot you see to treat yourself to some exotic local cuisine. Later that evening, you start to feel a little … funny. It... More>>

Will Speaking with “Vocal Fry” Damage Your Vocal Cords?

“Vocal fry” has re-emerged in conversation due to its use by several pop culture icons—most notably, Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears. While the term may seem new to a lot of people, vocal fry is not a new phenomenon (and... More>>

5 Low-Calorie Thanksgiving Sides (All Less Than 100 Cals Per Serving!) Video included

Potatoes, stuffing, and turkey are the pillars of the traditional Thanksgiving feast. It’s a meal that celebrates carbs and brown food (with a hint of sage, thyme, and parsley). More>>

The Moment That Made Elyse Fox Break Her Silence on Depression Video included

It’s a common misconception that people’s circumstances dictate their mental health. Many believe once they get the life they’ve always wanted—like landing their dream job or moving away from the town they dislike—that all... More>>

What Your Snot Color Says About Your Health Video included

If you have a runny nose, your first instinct is probably to grab a tissue, blow, and throw that sucker away. But for the sake of your health, you might want to add one more step to that process: Checking the color of your... More>>

What Is Art Therapy (and Should You Try It)? Video included

Coloring books have long been considered something for kids, but the past decade changed that. Barnes & Noble sold 14 million adult coloring books made in 2016, with pages filled with intricate mandalas, patterns,... More>>

Rising Above MS: How Mountaineer Lori Schneider Coped with Her Diagnosis Video included

Mountain climbing is no easy feat. It involves navigating a variety of terrains—rock, ice, river, and snow—all while carrying a backpack full of gear and avoiding altitude sickness. It’s challenging for anyone, but for... More>>

Sad Girls Club: How Elyse Fox Built a Mental Health Community Video included

The short film “Conversations with Friends” opens to the sight of a medical bracelet. Then you see bandages over wrists, sneakers dangling at the edge of a hospital bed, and scars and cuts. More>>

4 Hacks to Healthify Your Thanksgiving Meal Video included

If you’re committed to maintaining a healthy diet, a feast like Thanksgiving might stress you out. One large feast is unlikely to sabotage your health, but a big meal can lead to an unpleasant “crash” or uncomfortable... More>>

Ask a Trainer: Is It Bad to Do the Same Workout Two Days in a Row? Video included

You’re at the gym and you just completed the best. leg. workout. EVER. You’re feeling good, feeling strong, and you tell yourself: I’m definitely doing that workout again tomorrow. But wait … is it actually OK to do the... More>>

6 Lesser-Known Types of Winter Squash + The Best Way to Eat Them Video included

Late in August, large bins of green-hued acorn squashes and pale yellow spaghetti squashes appear as soon as you walk into the grocery store. Most shoppers look forward to eating butternut squash soup and stuffed acorn... More>>

Ask a Trainer: How Many Times a Week Should I Strength Train? Video included

You’ve finally mastered the cardio machine tango. Treadmill. Elliptical. Bike. Repeat. After all, a good workout routine is all about variety, right? More>>

This Stubborn Myth About Coffee Is Not 100% True Video included

Coffee has long been considered a strange paradox: It’s the fluid that doesn’t hydrate you. Despite drinking more (and more and more), coffee allegedly throws off your fluid balance and can result in dehydration. More>>

Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder: Tips for Picking the Right Light Video included

It’s ironic that the coldest, darkest part of the year is when Americans celebrate their cheeriest holidays. For many, the weather between Thanksgiving and New Year’s says anything but “the most wonderful time of the... More>>

Let’s Talk Honey: Is It Actually Better for You Than Table Sugar? Video included

What do granola bars, breakfast cereal, peanuts, graham crackers, and chamomile tea have in common? Besides being delicious, all are frequently paired with honey. In fact, honey might even make them better: The top-selling... More>>

My Depression Toolkit: Elyse Fox Shares the Habits that Help Her Cope Video included

Hobbies and interests add enjoyment to life, but for someone with depression, engaging in those interests can actually serve as treatment to keep symptoms at bay. These hobbies, passions, and interests are a “toolkit” for... More>>

This Simple Stretch Helps Improve Mobility After Breast Cancer Surgery Video included

Surgeries often leave effects that you might not have anticipated. You might be ready for scars and stitches, but the loss of strength and mobility in some parts of the body might take you by surprise. Surgery for breast... More>>

Ask a Trainer: If I Only Have 20 Minutes to Work Out, What Should I Do? Video included

You know that exercise has a host of health benefits, so you’ve decided to give this whole “working out on a regular basis” thing a chance. The problem is, however, that life has a way of getting in the way your fitness... More>>

8 Healthier Halloween Treats That Kids Will *Actually* Eat Video included

In a simple equation, Halloween = costumes + trick-or-treating + spooky stuff + candy. But if a mathematician took a harder look at this equation, it would look more like this: Halloween = costumes + trick-or-treating +... More>>

Does Your Trick-or-Treater Have a Food Allergy? Try This Hack to Keep Your Kid Happy Video included

When you’re a kid, Halloween is the ultimate holiday: You get to dress up as your favorite character, hang out with your friends all night, and get free candy. What’s not to love? More>>

What Is Blood Cancer? Understanding the 4 Main Types Video included

Blood cancers are very complex. There are many different types and subtypes of blood cancer, and every patient and condition is unique. More>>

Do Your Hair and Nails Keep Growing After You Die? Video included

It’s a bit morbid to think about, but ever wonder what happens to the body after the heart stops beating? You’re not alone: Humans have created dozens—if not hundreds—of theories about what the body does after death. More>>

Oh My Gourd: 5 Healthy Reasons to Fall in Love with Pumpkin Video included

When you think of pumpkins, you may be reminded of Halloween, the fall season, or that pumpkin spice lattes are back. Pumpkins are no doubt a popular fruit, but their benefits stretch further than flavoring your favorite... More>>

These 10 Amazing Blood Facts Will Get Your Heart Pumping Video included

Today is Blood Appreciation Day (not really)—and we’re about to give this vital bodily fluid some love. More>>

Does Gargling Salt Water Actually Help Soothe a Sore Throat? Video included

When you were a kid, being stuck at home when you were feeling under the weather had its perks. You’d get to cozy up on the couch and watch The Price Is Right, and your mom would make you chicken soup to help your cold... More>>

5 Self-Care Tips to Cope with Blood Cancer Treatment Video included

Getting through treatment for blood cancer can feel overwhelming, scary, or like things are out of your control. Despite feeling like there’s nothing you can do to support your treatment, your role in taking care of... More>>

How One Woman Lost 140 lbs and Became a Wellness Role Model Video included

A weight loss journey is a very personal one. It’s more than just diet and exercise—it’s about making healthy lifestyle changes that you can stick to. More>>

Treatment Options for Blood Cancer: Understanding the Different Types Video included

Getting a blood cancer diagnosis is an undoubtedly scary and overwhelming experience. Your mind is likely a sea of unknowns, flooded with questions: What will my life be like from now on? Can I enjoy the same things I used... More>>

Proper Nutrition During Blood Cancer Treatment: What Patients Need to Know Video included

When you think of treatment for blood cancer, your doctors and care team, and the medications you’re taking may come to mind. Treating blood cancer, however, involves more than just what happens in the hospital.... More>>

Treating Blood Cancer: Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor Video included

Getting diagnosed with blood cancer is likely not something you ever expected, and it might not be something you know a lot about. When going through treatment, it might be tempting to just let the doctors do their thing... More>>

Treating Lung Cancer with Targeted Therapy: How These Groundbreaking Drugs Work Video included

Treatments for lung cancer have improved significantly over the last decade.  During the last 10 years, newer medications have emerged that are helping people live longer and better quality lives. One of those discoveries... More>>

Signs Your Back Pain Is Actually Ankylosing Spondylitis Video included

Lower back pain happens to millions of Americans every year, and back pain can be caused by a number of reasons. If your back pain keeps coming back—and it’s not because your mattress is wrong for you—it might be time to... More>>

6 Healthy Fall Foods to Get Excited About (Besides Pumpkin) Video included

Once the fall season rolls around, everyone starts to gush about pumpkin. Pumpkin this. Pumpkin that. Hashtag #PSL! More>>

Can Warm Milk Actually Help Treat Insomnia? Video included

Long before sleep aids existed in pill form, humans have looked for natural hacks to make bedtime a little easier. Moms for generations have helped their little ones get sleepy and hit the pillow with different foods and... More>>

Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold? The Truth Behind This Old Adage Video included

Catchy health phrases, such as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” or “you are what you eat,” have been passed down from generation to generation. But there’s one adage moms have been saying that’s literally ancient:... More>>

10 Tricky Doctor Names You’re Probably Mispronouncing Video included

“I’m going to refer you to an otolaryngologist,” your doctor says casually before typing it into your medical records. The syllables roll off her tongue, and all you can do is blink. An oto-what? More>>

Psst … The Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine Is Back for the 2018-19 Flu Season Video included

The invention of the nasal spray flu vaccine was a stroke of brilliance, if you ask the oodles of Americans who hate, loathe, and fear needles. When the nasal spray was nixed in 2016 by the Centers for Disease Control and... More>>

8 Unique Ways to Flavor Water So You’ll *Want* to Drink It Video included

If you’re trying to increase your daily water intake, nix your soda habit, or are just bored with regular ol’ water, you can breathe a sigh of relief: You’ve got more options. More>>

Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Intolerance: What’s the Difference? Video included

Gluten-free options used to be contained to a couple shelves at the grocery store or the “salad” section of a restaurant menu. Today, gluten-free products and meals are more numerous, accessible, affordable, and delicious... More>>

Ask a Trainer: How Many Times a Week Should I Work Out? Video included

When you start getting in to a regular workout routine, it can be tempting to swipe that gym membership card every day. You’re feeling a rush of endorphins after each sweat sesh, and you might even be seeing results... More>>

What the Heck Is Kombucha, Anyway? Video included

In case you haven’t noticed, the beverage aisle at the grocery store has been taken over by a trendy, mysterious drink with a funny name: kombucha. While it may seem hot and new, this fizzy tea is actually older than you... More>>

This Surprising Fruit Might Help Relieve Your Motion Sickness Video included

Motion sickness can make flights feel endless, ruin a Caribbean cruise, and turn a road trip sour. But according to research, “sour” might just be the solution. More>>

This Cheap Wart Removal Hack Might Be As Effective As Freezing Video included

OK, you just froze off a wart a month ago, but another one has already appeared on your finger. What’s the deal?! More>>

The One Germy Spot You Miss Every Time You Wash Your Hands Video included

So you think you’re an expert hand-washer, eh? You wash your hands before, during, and after working with food. You scrub for the recommended 20 seconds. You even clean between each finger and lathering up the back of your... More>>

Dairy Allergy vs. Lactose Intolerance: What’s the Difference? Video included

Dairy products are prominent in American culture. The average American eats 32 pounds of ice cream annually, 33.7 pounds of cheese, and—get this—164.6 pounds of milk, according to the International Dairy Foods Association. More>>

The Most Common Types of Back Pain Video included

Back pain is one of the most common health conditions in the country, affecting about 80 percent of the population at least once in their lives, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Although this is a... More>>

Shopping for a Bra During Breast Cancer Treatment: 5 Tips to Find the Right Fit Video included

When you open your underwear drawer for the first time after breast surgery, you may notice that some of your lacy underthings don’t fit like they used to. More>>

Treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis: New Options That Can Help Video included

Ankylosing spondylitis—a chronic and inflammatory arthritis that affects the spine—has no cure as of yet. However, diagnosing AS and beginning treatment is essential. Not only can it relieve the painful and even... More>>

What Is Ankylosing Spondylitis? Key Facts You Should Know Video included

Lower back pain is not necessarily a rare phenomenon: 80 percent of U.S. adults suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. But for many... More>>

Diagnosing Ankylosing Spondylitis: 4 Things Doctors Look At Video included

As with many rheumatoid conditions, there is no single, definitive test to diagnosis ankylosing spondylitis (AS), a chronic arthritis caused by inflammation of the spine. If someone is experiencing symptoms of AS, such as... More>>

These Psoriatic Arthritis Treatments May Help Prevent Joint Damage Video included

Treatment for psoriatic arthritis, or PsA, goes far beyond reducing joint pain. In fact, thinking solely about treating PsA joint pain may mean you’re missing a crucial part of the puzzle: preventing permanent joint damage... More>>

12 Unexpected Ways Psoriatic Arthritis Can Affect the Body Video included

When you are diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, you may know to expect skin complications and joint pain. Those two symptoms are in the name. In fact, psoriasis and arthritis come from the Greek words for “itch” and... More>>

Choosing a Bra After Breast Surgery: How to Pick the Right One Video included

After undergoing breast cancer surgery, it will take some time to adjust to your new normal. Your body may look different and you may feel different, but it’s important to remember that you’re beautiful and you’re still... More>>

What to Wear After a Mastectomy, According to a Breast Cancer Survivor Video included

You can anticipate some obvious ways your life may change after breast surgery. You know your appearance may be a little different, or that it will take some recovery time before the pain subsides. What you might not... More>>

What Your Fingernails Can Reveal About Psoriatic Arthritis Video included

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your fingernails may just be the windows to your psoriatic arthritis. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, at least 80 percent of people with psoriatic arthritis also... More>>

PSA: Tanning Makes Stretch Marks More Noticeable—But Here’s What *Actually* Helps Video included

Before the bliss of summertime hits, many people scramble and do everything they can to achieve a “beach body.” They hit the gym, diet, wax, tan, and find ways to cover certain aspects of their bodies that they deem unfit... More>>

This Is Why Human Blood Is Red Video included

The fake kind is used in scary movies and Halloween decorations. The real kind is as essential as water for giving and maintaining life. That’s right, we’re talking about blood, and this vital bodily fluid deserves some... More>>

How Important Is It to Wash Your Hands With Hot Water? Video included

Maybe you didn’t feel like waiting for the tap to heat up. Maybe it was hot outside so you turned on the cold water to cool down. Maybe you just prefer the icy blast of cool water. Either way, when your mom caught you... More>>

Here's How the Low FODMAP Diet Helps Treat IBS Video included

A frustrating part of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is that it can’t really be treated—only managed through careful and deliberate lifestyle changes. Eating small and frequent meals, limiting certain foods, and managing... More>>

5 Unexpected Restaurants Where You Can Get a Healthy Meal for Under 600 Calories Video included

Restaurant food is meant to be indulgent. It’s intended to be a special treat and experience, in which a professional prepares you something decadent you couldn’t really prepare at home. More>>

6 Little Rules to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting for Good Video included

Weight loss is hard, but weight maintenance might be even harder. If you can relate to that sentence, you’re not alone. Yo-yo dieting (which doctors call weight cycling) is a frustrating yet common problem many people... More>>

9 Surprising Causes of Back Pain + What to Do About It Video included

Back pain is one of the most common medical issues in the U.S. About 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes, according to the American Chiropractic Association. More>>

6 Dreamy Facts About REM Sleep Video included

While the jury may still be out on what dreams mean, we do know that most people experience this strange phenomenon nightly while they sleep—and that it’s often during a stage of sleep called rapid eye movement, or REM sleep. More>>

Protect Your Eyes: 4 Simple Tips to Find the Right Sunglasses Video included

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement: They protect your precious peepers from serious eye damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays. More>>

Why You Should *Always* Wear Sunglasses When Outdoors Video included

You rush out the door because you’re late for work, and as soon as you pull out of the driveway you notice you’ve forgotten your sunglasses. Oh well, you think, it’s no big deal. More>>

Surprisingly Important Takeaways from 3 Popular Fad Diets Video included

The conversation on dietary trends tends to be black and white: This diet is good, this one is bad, this one’s great, this one’s awful. It’s true that some fad diets are objectively bad (like that “air diet,” which is... More>>

7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your “Healthy” Morning Oatmeal Video included

Oatmeal is often synonymous for “healthy breakfast.” It’ may be one of the few healthy options on diner menus, and those who opt for the porridge instead of pancakes are lauded as disciplined heroes. More>>

How Psoriatic Arthritis Is Diagnosed, According to a Rheumatologist Video included

Psoriatic arthritis—an inflammatory and chronic type of arthritis—affects up to 30 percent of people with psoriasis, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF). If you have psoriasis, it’s a good idea to be aware... More>>

Fit + Frugal: 10 Money-Saving Grocery Shopping Hacks Video included

Think a nutritious diet = expensive? Not so fast. While it’s true that many “health foods” tend to cost more—e.g., energy bars, premade “healthy” frozen dinners, gluten-free bread, and organic produce vs.... More>>

5 Game-Changing Iced Coffee Hacks (That Are Actually Healthy) Video included

If you’re addicted to iced coffee and you know it, raise your tumbler. More>>

Signs Your Psoriasis Could Actually Be Psoriatic Arthritis Video included

If you have psoriasis, you may already know that you’re at an increased risk of developing psoriatic arthritis (PsA), an inflammatory arthritis that causes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. About 30 percent of people... More>>

Concussion tied to suicide risk

People who have experienced either a concussion or a mild traumatic brain injury are twice as likely to commit suicide than others, a new review suggests.


Arm yourself against the coming flu season

If the last flu season is any indication, you need to take steps now to protect yourself against infection, an infectious diseases expert warns.


Navigating new parent nerves

A newborn can bring a sense of fulfillment to your life … and an equal amount of stress over everything from baby's health to your own parenting skills.


Sleepy drivers involved in 100,000 crashes a year

Driving under the influence and distracted driving are well-known hazards, but few people think twice about getting behind the wheel when feeling drowsy, a sleep expert warns.


Think genes dictate your life span? Think again

Your life partner has a much greater influence on your longevity than the genes you inherited from your family, according to a new analysis of the family trees of more than 400 million people.


Scientists say neanderthals were exposed to lead, too

The earliest evidence of lead exposure has been discovered in 250,000-year-old teeth from the remains of two Neanderthals found in southeastern France, researchers say.


'Panic parenting' fear drives many women to freeze eggs

Trying to avoid "panic parenting" is the reason why many single women freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons, a small new study suggests.


Could diabetes drugs help curb Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's patients taking diabetes drugs may have fewer signs of dementia in their brains than similar patients not taking the drugs, new research finds.


Hospital infections in stroke patients raise other risks

When stroke patients get an infection while in the hospital, that may raise the chances they will wind up back in the hospital later, new research suggests.


Keeping your teen driver safe

Rules for new drivers instituted in Massachusetts back in 2007 have led to fewer car crashes, including fewer deadly crashes, among drivers in their teens.


Common chemical tied to language delay in kids

Children may suffer delayed language skills if their mothers come in contact with common chemicals called phthalates in early pregnancy, new research suggests.


Fueling up with functional foods

Though the term "functional foods" currently has no legal definition, it's more than just a clever marketing catchphrase.


More college students seeking mental health care

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks are sending U.S. college students to mental health clinics in record numbers, a new study finds.


'Stress hormone' tied to worse memory in middle age

Middle-aged people with higher-than-average levels of the "stress" hormone cortisol may have fuzzier memories, a new study suggests.


Warmer weather gets seniors outdoors and moving

The better the weather, the more seniors venture out and get active.


Disabling hip ailment is another health risk for obese kids

Childhood obesity has been linked to a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and early heart disease, but new research now ties it to a sometimes crippling hip condition.


3-Drug therapy might be cystic fibrosis 'breakthrough'

In what researchers are calling a "breakthrough," two preliminary trials have found that either of two triple-drug regimens could potentially benefit 90 percent of people with cystic fibrosis.


Don't want rosacea? Drinking coffee might help

Contrary to popular belief, new research suggests that drinking coffee might be a good prescription for avoiding the unsightly skin condition known as rosacea.


Cataract surgery, hearing aid may boost the aging brain

You won't jump for joy when you're told you need hearing aids or cataract surgery. But get this: Both appear to slow mental decline in older adults.


ER nurses might do better 'eyeballing' patients

"Eyeballing" emergency room patients may be better than a formal medical assessment in identifying those most in need of urgent care, a new study suggests.


White House wants prices in drug ads, but big pharma fights back

In an attempt to head off federal regulation, America's pharmaceutical manufacturers announced Monday that they would take voluntary action to make drug prices more transparent.


Add asthma to list of possible causes of childhood obesity

Children with asthma are at increased risk for childhood obesity, a new study suggests.


Flu shot in pregnancy lowers risk of flu hospitalization

The flu shot reduces a pregnant woman's risk of hospitalization for flu by 40 percent, new research shows.


Can intermittent fasting help reverse type 2 diabetes?

Occasional fasting may help control type 2 diabetes, a small Canadian study suggests.


Hospital privacy curtains may be home to dangerous germs

Privacy curtains in hospital rooms can collect dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria, researchers report.


Does aspirin help prevent liver cancer?

Take two aspirins and reduce your risk of liver cancer? New research suggests this weekly routine might help.


Working out when under the weather

Every now and then you might not feel well enough to exercise and decide to skip a workout. Here's how to stay in the game


Brain scans suggest pain of fibromyalgia isn't imaginary

People with fibromyalgia have widespread inflammation in their brains, new research reveals.


What did Americans eat today? A third would say fast food

Americans' love affair with fast food continues, with 1 in every 3 adults chowing down on the fare on any given day.


Wearable in Google patent will shake, bake, and shine to signal notifications

A new Google patent suggests that Google may be working on getting into the wearable game after all. The patent describes a wearable device that can vibrate, light up, and pulse when notifications arrive. More>>

Hublot’s newest luxury watch is $25,000, and you can only pay in Bitcoin

The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 P2P is the latest luxury timepiece from the watch brand, and is a special limited edition made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. Eager buyers must use the cryptocurrency to buy one. More>>

Cancer may soon replace heart disease as leading killer of affluent Americans

Cancer is expected to overtake heart disease as the leading cause of death for well-off Americans by 2020.


Walmart kicks off Black Friday with a home gym discount

As the holidays inch nearer and nearer, some of the biggest retailers are unveiling their best Black Friday offers. If your objective is to start living a healthier life, Walmart has the best deal right now on a home gym. More>>

Here are the best Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa deals for Black Friday

Apple products are the most sought-after products for Black Friday, the leaked preview ads show what discounts retailers will have for the Apple Watch Series 3 and other smartwatches, such as the Fitbit Versa, this holiday... More>>

Even a 2-minute walk counts in new physical activity guidelines

Take the stairs up to your office. Park a little further away from the grocery store. Walk your dog around the block. Carry out the trash.


Yoga, meditation surging in popularity in U.S.

If it seems like everyone you know is trying yoga or meditation, you might be right. A new government survey shows that the number of Americans practicing the "mindfulness" techniques has surged in the past few years.


Blood test may one day help track concussion recovery

It may be possible to use a blood test to diagnose and manage athletes' concussions, but the results could vary by race and gender, researchers report.


The bigger the brain, the bigger the tumor risk?

The bigger your brain, the greater your risk for a deadly brain cancer, new research from Norway suggests.


Sleep may speed kids' recovery from concussion

Good sleep helps speed young athletes recover from a concussion, a new study reports.


Fitbit Charge 3 vs. Fitbit Versa: Which one should you choose?

Fitbit's latest fitness tracker -- the Charge 3 -- comes with smartwatch capabilities similar to the Fitbit Versa. With only a $50 difference between them, we pit the two wearables against each other to find out which one... More>>

Obesity may harm kids' academics, coping skills

Obese kids may have extra difficulty with schoolwork and coping under stress, a preliminary study suggests.


The best snowshoes you can buy right now (updated for 2018)

Snowshoeing is a great way to stay fit and active during the winter months, but finding the right pair can be a challenge. Here are our picks of the five best snowshoes available today to keep you moving on the trail this... More>>

Parkinson's patients can have a normal life span

If thinking skills aren't affected, a person with Parkinson's disease can live a normal life span, a new study suggests.


Stigma of autism can take toll on psyche

Social stigma may play a large role in the depression, anxiety and other mental health woes experienced by many people with autism, a small new study indicates.


Jaybird doubles down on fitness with the Tarah Pro wireless earbuds

Jaybird is debuting wireless earbuds aimed at those who take their fitness seriously with the new Tarah Pro, which feature more than double the battery life of the original, plus expanded fit options for maximum comfort. More>>

NYPD pulls thousands of its body cameras after one of them exploded

The NYPD has recalled thousands of body cameras after one of them exploded during an officer's shift on Sunday. No one was injured in the incident, which is thought to have been caused by the device's battery. More>>

A strap for everyone: The best Apple Watch bands you can buy right now

If you have an Apple Watch, you know how easy it is to take off the strap it came with, so why not buy yourself another one? Here we've gathered the best Apple Watch bands we've seen so far. More>>

For diabetics, going vegan may boost mood along with health

Diabetes is a formidable foe that can tax the bodies and the spirits of people diagnosed with the blood sugar disease.


Soundtrack for your strides: Garmin’s Forerunner 645 Music smartwatch adds Spotify

Garmin fans looking to get Spotify on their fitness watch now have another option besides the Fenix 5 Plus series. Starting October 31, Garmin is bringing Spotify on its Forerunner 645 Music smartwatch. More>>

An action plan when you regain that lost weight

It's the most frustrating part of dieting: Regaining the weight you worked so hard to lose.


Giveaway: Enter to win a new Apple Watch Series 4 and Casetify strap bundle

The Apple Watch Series 4 refines everything that we love about this smartwatch. We're offering a lucky reader a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 4 and Casetify strap bundle -- a $700 value -- totally free. More>>

Getting flu shot annually won't undermine its effectiveness in kids

Does getting a flu shot every year diminish its power to protect children?


Dirty air tied to millions of asthma ER visits each year

Polluted air may trigger as many as 33 million asthma-related emergency room visits globally each year, a new study finds.


New research offers insights into football-related concussions

Repeated hits to the head, rather than one severe blow, may determine whether football players suffer a concussion, a new study suggests.


The best iPhone fitness apps

Working out and getting yourself in shape isn't easy, but it's easier with the right set of apps. These best iPhone fitness apps will help you to track your calories, monitor your sleep, and achieve your fitness goals. More>>

Gene therapy for Parkinson's symptoms shows promise

A new gene therapy might help improve motor symptoms in people with Parkinson's disease who aren't responding to other therapies, an early study has found.


Don't blame just air pollution for asthma in kids

Children with asthma who live in areas with dirty air require emergency medical care more often than those with less exposure to air pollution, a new study finds.


Montblanc Summit 2, the first Snapdragon Wear 3100 watch, is now available

Montblanc has taken the wraps off of the new Montblanc Summit 2 -- the first watch to feature the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor. The watch features a premium design and Google's Wear OS. More>>

Kids with autism, delays more likely to be overweight by age 5: study

Children with autism or developmental delays may be at increased risk for obesity, a new study finds.


Gum disease may worsen blood pressure problems

Gum disease may interfere with high blood pressure control, a new study suggests.


Experts sound warning about 'baby boxes'

Cardboard baby boxes are gaining fans, but are they as safe as cribs and bassinets?


Gluten-free craze a 'double-edged sword' for celiac patients

The gluten-free diet craze is both reassuring and upsetting to people with celiac disease who are allergic to the nutrient, a small study suggests.


Does your dog really understand you?

Many dogs perk up at certain words, like "treat" or "squirrel." But does Buddy really understand what you're saying, or is he simply reacting to the excitement in your voice?


Forget laxatives — this electronic pill will literally shake the crap out of you

Are you suffering from constipation? What you really need is a vibrating smart pill that promises to shake the crap out of you. And we mean that completely literally. Here's how it works. More>>

Brain's 'self-control' center may be key to weight-loss success

A behavioral therapist could be as important as a calorie-cutting diet for folks who want to lose weight, researchers say.


Pounds regained after weight-loss op can tell your doc a lot

Tracking pounds regained after weight-loss surgery can help predict a patient's risk for serious health problems like diabetes, a new study says.


Johns Hopkins’ lab-grown human retina could lead to big insights

Scientists from Johns Hopkins University have successfully grown human retina tissue from scratch in a lab. The work could help with the development of new therapeutics related to eye diseases. More>>

Garmin listens to feedback, adds Spotify to Fenix 5 Plus Series watch

Garmin announced integration with Spotify, allowing customers to listen to offline playlists from their wrist. Adventurers who own one of the Fenix 5 Plus devices can download the Spotify app and start syncing their music. More>>

Obesity surgery may cut heart attack risk in diabetics

Obesity surgery may help prevent heart attacks and strokes in people who are severely overweight and have diabetes, a new large study suggests.


Facebook posts may hint at depression

People may rely on social media such as Facebook to showcase the highlights of their lives, like vacations. But new research suggests the language they use in posts might also help predict depression.


The best sound machines to help you fall (and stay) asleep

Whether you find that sleep better with white noise, rain sounds, or deep sleep music, there’s a sound machine on the market that will be able to help you catch more z’s in no time at all. More>>

Bug behind stomach cancer also linked to colon cancer

The same type of bacteria that causes stomach cancer may also increase colon cancer risk, especially in black Americans, a new study finds.


Genes, not diet, may be key to gout flare-ups

Although many people suffering from painful gout flare-ups point to diet as the culprit, new research suggests DNA plays a much bigger role.


Don't overlook heart care after cancer diagnosis

Patients with the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation are less likely to see a cardiologist or fill prescriptions for blood-thinning drugs if they've had cancer, a new study finds.


With VR dinosaurs and ‘Minecraft,’ one hospital is making medicine less scary

From augmented reality rabbits on the wards to a Minecraft recreation of the hospital for kids to explore, one of the world's most renowned children's hospitals just got a major tech overhaul. More>>

Skip the cold meds for kids under 6, experts say

School is in full swing, and with it comes a plethora of colds passed back and forth among kids.


Smoggy air tied to higher odds for mouth cancers

Living in urban areas with heavy air pollution could increase your risk for mouth cancer, a new study says.


Four myths about breast cancer debunked

There are four common myths about breast cancer that can affect prevention and treatment of the most common type of cancer in American women, an oncologist says.


One-third of 'gluten-free' restaurant foods in U.S. are not: study

If you're gluten-sensitive, watch out: One-third of the "gluten-free" foods sold in U.S. restaurants actually contain trace levels of the substance, new research suggests.


Getting your medical records might not be easy

U.S. patients face numerous roadblocks when trying to access their medical records at the nation's top hospitals, a new study finds.


Flu season lingers in big cities

Big cities with a large commuting workforce tend to have longer, more grinding flu seasons, a new study suggests.


Path to obesity may start in preschool

Preschoolers who quickly pack on pounds may be at particular risk of becoming obese teenagers, a large new study finds.


Does less-invasive surgery make sense for you?

Among the most significant advances in surgery has been the development of laparoscopic -- or minimally invasive -- procedures.


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  • True Champions Hep C: Meet Hank

    True Champions Hep C: Meet Hank

    Friday, September 28 2018 2:05 PM EDT2018-09-28 18:05:28 GMT

    In episode 1 of True Champions Hep C, Hank Johnson, a congressman representing Georgia’s 4th District, talks about how he first got involved with politics. Congressman Johnson also shares his personal story of when...

    In episode 1 of True Champions Hep C, Hank Johnson, a congressman representing Georgia’s 4th District, talks about how he first got involved with politics. Congressman Johnson also shares his personal story of when he was...

  • Jicama Veggie Flower Spring Rolls

    Jicama Veggie Flower Spring Rolls

    Friday, September 28 2018 2:05 PM EDT2018-09-28 18:05:20 GMT

    Jicama NYC makes some of the most unique and diversified food in the city. These veggie spring rolls are out of this world and the special ingredient will surprise you.

    Jicama NYC makes some of the most unique and diversified food in the city. These veggie spring rolls are out of this world and the special ingredient will surprise you.

  • Biologics: The Treatment Process

    Biologics: The Treatment Process

    Monday, October 1 2018 6:32 PM EDT2018-10-01 22:32:06 GMT

    Biologics is a bit different than taking a pill. It means injecting medicine into your thigh using a self-injecting pen once or twice a month to aid in your psoriasis treatment. While there are limited side...

    Biologics is a bit different than taking a pill. It means injecting medicine into your thigh using a self-injecting pen once or twice a month to aid in your psoriasis treatment. While there are limited side effects, one of...

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  • No accounting for these tastes: Artificial flavors a mystery

    No accounting for these tastes: Artificial flavors a mystery

    Tuesday, November 13 2018 11:38 AM EST2018-11-13 16:38:46 GMT
    Tuesday, November 13 2018 12:03 PM EST2018-11-13 17:03:03 GMT
    Food companies have been ordered to remove six "artificial flavors" from their products.
    Food companies have been ordered to remove six "artificial flavors" from their products.
  • Amid drug crisis, spiritual first responders hit the streets

    Amid drug crisis, spiritual first responders hit the streets

    Monday, November 12 2018 10:49 PM EST2018-11-13 03:49:25 GMT
    Tuesday, November 13 2018 12:01 PM EST2018-11-13 17:01:39 GMT
    (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer). In this Friday, Aug. 10, 2018 photo, Jamie Casey, right, speaks with Brian Peets at a homeless camp in New Bedford, Mass., on Friday, Aug. 10, 2018. “For 20 years I fought and fought and fought against myself. Because you’re y...(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer). In this Friday, Aug. 10, 2018 photo, Jamie Casey, right, speaks with Brian Peets at a homeless camp in New Bedford, Mass., on Friday, Aug. 10, 2018. “For 20 years I fought and fought and fought against myself. Because you’re y...
    Clergy members become spiritual first responders in the opioid crisis.
    Clergy members become spiritual first responders in the opioid crisis.
  • US to give states leeway to expand inpatient mental health

    US to give states leeway to expand inpatient mental health

    Tuesday, November 13 2018 11:08 AM EST2018-11-13 16:08:50 GMT
    Tuesday, November 13 2018 11:43 AM EST2018-11-13 16:43:15 GMT
    The Trump administration allowing states to seek Medicaid funds to expand inpatient mental health.
    The Trump administration allowing states to seek Medicaid funds to expand inpatient mental health.
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