366 pages of notes from Mueller investigation witness interviews released

CNN has received another 366 pages of notes from major witness interviews during former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

The documents include FBI memos, called 302s, from interviews about some of the most significant efforts of the investigation, including the investigations of former Trump advisers Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.

For instance, Bannon spoke to Mueller’s team extensively about his contact with Stone as Stone sought to reach WikiLeaks about stolen Democratic emails that could help then-candidate Donald Trump, according to the 302s released Tuesday.

Aside from the newly public Bannon memos, many of the documents are of interviews investigators did with undisclosed or peripheral players that helped form criminal cases and details for the Mueller report.

This is the eighth time CNN has gotten documents like these from the Justice Department regarding the Mueller investigation, as part of a 2019 lawsuit in conjunction with BuzzFeed News.

So far, the previous releases have fleshed out details that Mueller summarized in his final report regarding President Donald Trump’s and his campaign’s actions. But they often give much more detail. These documents are foundational documents behind what investigators learned about the Trump campaign in 2016 and Trump’s behavior then and after.

Memos have revealed how top Trump campaign officials witnessed the President and other Trump campaign officials pushing for the release of stolen Democratic emails and supported a conspiracy theory that Ukraine hacked the Democrats in 2016.

At times, the documents have given much fuller portraits about what the Russia investigations’ top cooperators said, or how the investigators handled their witnesses.

The Justice Department has kept many of the memos heavily redacted as they continue to release them this year.