A Florida woman is barricading herself inside a Daytona Beach hospital room after shooting her terminally ill husband

A woman has confined herself to a room inside a Daytona Beach, Florida, hospital after shooting her terminally ill husband on Saturday, police say.

Officers arrived at the Advent Health Hospital after receiving a report of about a person being shot, Daytona Beach police said in a release obtained by CNN affiliate WESH.

“Officers have evacuated staff and patients around the room, and at this time the female is not seen as a threat to staff or patients. No one else has been injured,” the release said. “We are currently negotiating with the female to get her to surrender and come out of the hospital.”

Dr. Joshua Horenstein, a cardiologist at Advent Health Hospital, was working in the emergency department when he learned of the shooting incident.

“Someone came in screaming in the emergency department that this was not a drill and to shelter in place,” Horenstein told CNN while hiding in a supply room with a nurse.

Horenstein said he was finally able to leave the supply room after roughly 90 minutes.

Daytona Beach Police are expected to hold a press conference Saturday afternoon, according to a tweet on the department’s verified Twitter account.

Police are asking people to stay away from the area.

CNN has reached out to hospital staff, some who are currently on lockdown inside the hospital.

The status of the woman’s husband is unclear at this time.

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