Paris Hilton parties with her former assistant, Kim Kardashian West

Before she was a reality star and mogul, Kim Kardashian West was Paris Hilton’s friend and assistant.

The pair recently reunited to celebrate Hilton’s 38th birthday — albeit almost a month later.

Hilton posted a video this weekend on her official Instagram account of her and Kardashian West.

“Love you @KimKardashian,” the caption read. “So much fun celebrating my birthday with you at ClubParis.”

In the video, Kardashian West wishes Hilton a happy birthday “even though your birthday was months ago.”

“This is how she celebrates,” Kardashian West said.

Hilton’s special day is actually February 17.

This past Christmas, Kardashian West’s husband, rapper Kanye West, tweeted a video of his wife and Hilton engaging in some holiday party fun.

“You guys, Paris and I are going to go down the sled,” Kardashian West said as she is seen leading Hilton by the hand toward some sleds and what appears to be shipped-in snow.