Protesters speak on anger behind death of George Floyd

As protesters gather in cities like Minneapolis, Atlanta, Charlotte and other cities across the US, anger and frustration continue to grow over the death of George Floyd.

“There needs to be change, officers need to be trained better,” one protester who was arrested in Atlanta told CNN’s Nick Valencia as he was being detained by police.

A lack of change and police reform are just some of the reasons people are enraged.

Here what some of them had to say:

Leslie Redmond, president of Minneapolis NAACP

“What you’re witnessing in Minnesota is something that’s been a long time coming,” Redmond told CNN affiliate WCCO-TV.

“I can’t tell you how many governors I’ve sat down with, how many mayors we’ve sat down with. And we’ve warned them that if you keep murdering black people, the city will burn. We have stopped the city from burning numerous times, and we are not responsible for it burning now.”

Payton Bowdry, 22, of Minneapolis

“We have to advocate for justice, true justice to happen,” Bowdry told CNN.

Bowdry said things getting violent weren’t part of the plan.

“Riots were not part of the protests,” he said. “The looting and rioting wasn’t in George Floyd’s name.”

Alicia Smith, a community organizer

“There are no words in the English language that will convey the despair that I felt watching that man’s life leave his body and him scream out for his mother,” Smith told CNN. “I heard my son saying, ‘Mama, save me.'”

“My kids are little boys, and my son asked me, ‘Am I going to live to be a grown-up?'” she told CNN. “I’ve got to ruin his innocence and tell him how to exist as a young black boy in this country.”

Shanene Herbert, community organizer

“They (young people) have experienced trauma,” she told CNN. “Seeing your friends, your families and even yourself harassed by the police and killed by the police, it’s traumatic. And they don’t know what to do with that.”