The MeTV Network Celebrates Tony Dow with a Special Presentation of Leave It to Beaver

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July 27, 2022 – The MeTV Network will celebrate legendary actor Tony Dow with a special extended

presentation of Leave It to Beaver episodes, airing Sunday, July 31 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm on MeTV.

Featuring 10 episodes showcasing Tony Dow’s beloved character Wally Cleaver, MeTV’s tribute will

include the episodes Wally’s Job, Wally’s Car and Wally’s Weekend Job with the full schedule below.

“Tony has made such an impression on so many. His character Wally resonates with several generations

of viewers who grew up with him as their TV big brother,” said Neal Sabin, vice-chairman of Weigel

Broadcasting Co.

Born in Hollywood, California, Dow’s mother Muriel Virginia Dow was a stunt woman in early

Westerns. In his youth, Dow was a Junior Olympics diving champion. He earned the role of Wally

Cleaver in a casting call with almost no acting experience.

Dow starred in the series regular role of Wally Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver for all six seasons of the

show, which started on CBS before moving to ABC. The show ran for 234 episodes between 1957 and

1963. Dow starred in the series opposite Jerry Mathers as Wally’s younger brother, Theodore “The

Beaver” Cleaver, and Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont as the boys’ parents, June and Ward

Cleaver. Dow participated in the show’s 1983 TV reunion movie “Still the Beaver” and its four-season

sequel series, “The New Leave It to Beaver.” Leave It to Beaver currently airs on MeTV weekdays from

8:00 to 9:00am ET/PT. To find out where to watch visit

In addition to his tenure as Wally Cleaver, Dow also starred on television series such as My Three Sons,

Never Too Young, Lassie and as three different roles on Mr. Novak. He was also a television director,

having helmed episodes for series such as Babylon 5, Star Trek: Deep Space, Nine and Coach.

Dow served in the National Guard, interrupting his acting career, but then returned to guest star in series

including Adam-12, Love American Style, Knight Rider, Square Pegs, The Mod Squad, The Hardy Boys

and Emergency.

Tony Dow recently celebrated his 77th birthday.

Schedule of Leave It to Beaver Special Presentation Episodes:

Sunday, July 31

12 pm My Brother’s Girl – Mary Ellen Rogers schemes to get unsuspecting Wally to ask her to

the school dance, using her friendship with Beaver to get closer to his big brother.

12:30 pm Wally’s Job – Wally hedges after making a deal with his dad to paint the trash cans for

fifty cents each, convinced by Eddie Haskell to hold out for more money. But when

Beaver takes the job at the original price, causing hard feelings between the brothers,

Ward looks for a compromise to satisfy everyone and finds, in the end, that boys will be

boys and moms are full of surprises.

1 pm Eddie’s Girl – June unwittingly jeopardizes Wally’s friendship with Eddie Haskell after

she accepts a dance invitation for Wally from Eddie’s current crush, Caroline


1:30 pm Wally’s New Suit – June cleverly rescues Wally from bad taste after he is goaded by

Eddie Haskell into buying a new suit for an upcoming school dance without his parents’


2 pm Blind Date Committee – Wally is chairman of the Blind Date Committee for a dance and

must find dates for people.

2:30 pm Wally’s Test – Wally is chairman of the Blind Date Committee for a dance and has to

find dates for people. It’s especially hard to find a date for one girl.

3 pm Wally’s Glamour Girl – To impress pretty, out-of town girl Kitty, Wally writes letters to

her exaggerating his family’s wealth and importance; but he must later eat his words

when Ward and June tell Wally that he will be taking Kitty to the country club dance.

3:30 pm Wally’s Car – Wally buys his first car, a non-running jalopy which becomes a blight on

the neighborhood.

4 pm Wally’s Weekend Job – Wally gets a job at the ice cream parlor leaving a gaggle of girls

swooning and Eddie and Lumpy feeling neglected. To get back at him, Eddie and Lumpy

concoct a plan of revenge that involves Mary Ellen Roger’s slumber party.

4:30 pm Wally’s Practical Joke – Wally and Eddie fall prey to Lumpy’s practical joking after he

plants cherry bombs under the hoods of Eddie’s car and Wally’s car. Both Eddie and

Wally want to get him back but their plan goes awry when they destroy Lumpy’s car after

chaining it to a tree. All fingers point to Wally after Fred finds that the chain has Ward’s

name printed on it.