WGTA Update – July 2022

In life and in television there are few things that are harder to accomplish than change.  Colleagues and viewers get comfortable with a program and most any change in content or timing causes angst.  We understand that.
We also understand that Me-TV is a great network.  Marquee Broadcasting has carried Me-TV on all of its major stations because of that.  We are not only affiliates of the network, we are also viewers.  Like you, we enjoy watching the classics we fondly recall from yesteryear.
Over the years, we have tried to consider ways to make our stations in Atlanta and Macon more local.  We were fortunate to find a news partner of national renown to help craft a news product that would cater to our viewers in Atlanta and Macon.  Furthermore, we learned from our viewers that it is not uncommon for our viewers to go to bed before a 10 pm or 11 pm newscast is done.  So, we decided to unveil the only full-length newscast in either market at 9 pm.  We are still building the newscast but we want to focus more on local events like community calendars and pets available to be adopted and less focus on national stories about violence.  We want this to be a balance of news tilted more towards happy news.  Our newscast is well produced, as you can see, but we are looking for ways t improve the good news in the local area, including announcements of local nonprofit events that serve our local communities.
We have received a few complaints from viewers who enjoy Green Acres and Gomer Pyle.  We have good news for you.  These two programs are being moved to 8 pm as part of Me-TV’s summer of fun.  Instead, our newscast will pre-empt Hogan’s Heroes.  We are fans of Hogan’s Heroes and we know that Me-TV is great about rotating its schedule every season; so, we expect that all of you who enjoy the hijinx at Stalag 17 will get another chance later in the year.
In the meantime, we ask you to watch our news and send us new ideas that you would like to see covered.  We plan to be very responsive to our viewers who offer constructive ideas.  If you have a news tip, email us: eric.williamson@wgtatv.com
Are you a member of a nonprofit organization?  Send us an email with any events you are planning in the next week or two and we will try to add it to our community calendar.  I think you will come to enjoy a newscast that is designed to respond to the kind of news you want to see, and at a time when no other TV station offers an alternative.